portrait sessions



i make opportunities for creative expansion.

in my 1 on 1 portrait sessions, i hold a container for artists to know themselves deeper while being witnessed with respect and loving awareness. as we collaborate on photos of you, my goal is to create an experience that allows for free experimental play and the curious exploration of your truth. 

let's make pictures together!

Currently booking for 2022!


photo sessions to
celebrate the artist

if you have been craving to celebrate yourself, your body, your artistry, and the next step in your creative life, i want to work with you on making your portrait.  

this process is meant to empower you as a fellow creative by giving you room to feel and accept yourself where you are now. why? because you are meant to be seen as you develop your creative skills, and you are deserving of love and support as you do so. 

in this work together, i will encourage you to stretch yourself to the edge you’re ready to meet, whatever that may be. do you have materials or clothing you have been waiting to use for something fun? maybe you are shedding an element of your past and wanting to experience sides of yourself that are ready to be seen. as we talk and explore, i will help you hear your truth and bring it to the center. 

my aim is to make it playful, resourceful, and full of ease, even as we meet our personal resistance and real-world limitations.


an experiment of you

this is a photo session for the artist
who is ready and willing to be seen 


what you get
– 3-4 hours shooting time,
– 2 rolls of 35mm film
– digital, iphone and square polaroid available as well
– a memorable experience of being seen in your artistic embodiment and discovery

at work

this is the add-on session for the artist
who wants to document their process

$800+ add-on to an experiment of you

what you get
– 3 hours starting
– 35mm film + digital, iphone
– playful, experimental, can even include short videos 
– a chance to record your explorations in creativity with another witness in the flow with you


sound like just the experience you want for your creative growth? here’s what to expect if you’d like to move forward!

1  contact me

send me an email at moniottphoto@gmail.com with your availability for a call and a photoshoot for an experiment of you and/or the add-on, at work

2  include your answer to these 3 questions

– what change or transition are you experiencing in your life right now?

– what scares you the most about being photographed?

- what draws you towards being photographed right now?

3  expect an email from me

i will contact you and schedule a call to go over your answers and talk about you, your goals, and your artistry. i want to know what is inspiring you and where you are heading so that we can start finding ground and direction for our work together. i’d even like to know what mediums, textures, materials, and colors you feel drawn to. i'm interested to hear about your relationship to your personal fashion and the way you see yourself and the world around you. maybe you're loaded with inspiration, or maybe you need to talk through a bunch of different topics to get a sense for what wants to be expressed. when we are ready to move forward, we will talk about payment and scheduling our shoot together.  

4  officially schedule & set dates

pay your deposit of $600 and officially schedule our collaborative portrait making.

5  follow-up call

we will have 1 more call to go over details and check in about the process.

6  experiment together!

we will make your photos with a lot of intuitive, experimental play, and by using the resources we have on hand. we'll flow as we anchor the session in presence, acknowledging what you are going through in your life right now. it can be complicated, but i am here to support you in feeling the messiness of being human. the fun part is really getting to witness the magic of self trust, release, and spontaneity in the process of creation. you may pay your remaining balance at the beginning or end of our session.

7  receive your collaborative portraits

you'll receive your images in an email when i'm done processing them with care. the experience of receiving images of yourself can be both difficult and exhilarating. i will always encourage you to meet these photos with a practice of self compassion. there are so many intricate parts of you and they are all worthy of being seen and loved. these photos will be something tangible you can reflect on as you continue on your path, holding an intention for your movement in life. if there is anything I would want for you at the end, it is an enduring trust in yourself and your longings.



thank you for being here

i am available to be with who you are today so that you can process the changes happening within you and around you.

by acknowledging where you are and who you are becoming, i aim to grow your confidence in collaborating with others authentically, in communicating with the identity of an artist, and in staying true to your process.

if this is for you, you’ll know it.

excited to meet you soon!