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our rising

you are not selfish
for wanting a beautiful life

walking your own path
especially when you’ve been
raised to believe the way is supposed to be
singular, narrow, and clung to.

your feelings of
and worry
may be because your soul
knows there is more

there is absolutely

you are not lazy
for not wanting to work “hard”
in a world like this

you are not defective
for not wanting what
your parents and friends want

you are not being unrealistic
for dreaming of love, peace and abundance

It is all possible
it is all real
it is all for you

to dismantle the scaffolding
you were told would be your

is heartwrenching
and lonely,
especially if you are of the first
in your family or friend group to do it

your task is incredibly important.
honor it. 

tend to it. 


take your time.

there is so much beauty and hope
to catch you. 

there are thousands of
people who have been paving the way
for a life of freedom and possibility
for YOU.

your life can be hand made to your
soul’s desire. it can absolutely fit
YOU, and who you were always meant
to be.

dig deep
to remember YOU
under all
the pressure
and dogma

it is possible to trust yourself
so fully
that you honor your self
every day, in every decision.

you are practicing already
keep going

open your heart
so that you can find the like-hearted people
who will help you along the way

it is no longer worth it
to believe in a crumbling world.
It is no longer worth it
to believe love is too soft.

what we want is ancient,
beautiful, and our birthright.

I will believe in our rising.