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life after

It is possible to heal from your Mormon wounds.

There is purpose and meaning after religion. There is joy, freedom, possibility, and hope.

Your feelings of anger and betrayal are valid.

The Church can absolutely be an institution that caused you harm and trauma and you are allowed to talk about it.

It can be hard to let go AND it can be hard to stay.

You are allowed to want to be seen and heard, especially by people who say they love you. It hurts to be misunderstood.

It is valid that you don’t want to think about ideas you learned in church, outside of the context of church.

It is valid that the idea of a higher power now causes you pain.

Your parents being disappointed in you has nothing to do with you.

It is possible to live life confidently, without needing to be right about your choices and beliefs. 

Your parents may not know this, and they will fight for this illusion of right and wrong, so that they can be comfortable, even it means ignoring your pain. You are allowed to be hurt by this.

You can release yourself from the self objectification required to please them and everyone else that doesn’t agree with your path.

Your worthiness is inherent. It does not need to be proven, earned, or paid for. It does not rely on the opinions of others. 

You can stop fighting now. You can own your truth, whatever that is.

We get to do that in this life.

And you can be proud of yourself. 

You’re doing a hard thing by walking your own path, and doing it without superiority.

In life after religion, you will find abundance and magic like you wouldn’t believe. 

You will find peace.

You will find love.

It is your birthright.

It is right here. Right now. 

It is waiting for you, and it will be here when you’re ready.