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Guiding innovative fashion businesses to clarify their vision, elevate their product presentation, and tell beautiful stories for their collections. We work together to create thoughtful imagery that speaks from your brand essence, and moves your plans forward with ease. Available for creative projects including lookbook, editorial, social media, campaign and e-commerce needs. 

day rate begins at $3000



Creative photography for musicians, models, actors, creators, artists and independent businesses looking to express their style more boldly, expand their creative capabilities, and see themselves and their vision more clearly. With my intuitive, multidisciplinary approach to image making, we find your true voice and release the old stories holding you back from creating more freely. Available to collaborate on fresh imagery so that you can actualize your goals. 

sessions begin at $1200



A playful, open-minded approach to celebrating your unique wildness and wanting. A session for allowing curiosity to take you beyond who you think you're supposed to be and towards a desire that you want to accept. Capturing your own love of the body and love of the erotic self in a gentle, compassionate, and creative container. Available to witness you in the poetry of body and soul and produce images that deepen your sense of self.

sessions begin at $1200


In order to service you best, I create personalized proposals based on budgets, details, and needs per project. Inquire for more information about how we can work together!

scroll below for some photography love notes! <3



"Moni took my first portraits EVER. She made the vulnerability feel like a hill rather than a mountain, and after a while, the stress of being in front of the camera melted away. The images she captured were the first time I saw myself reflected in a photo. The experience was healing and full of positivity. For any artist looking to get a portrait taken - Moni is the one! I wish everyone could see the world through Moni's eyes and what a gift it is to be able to experience it through her photography."


"I am beyond in love with these. I've been such an admirer of your work for years and it is such a pleasure to have finally met you and treat myself with this experience. I always had this negative thought that having my photo taken seemed "vain" - but its really such a beautiful act of appreciation for yourself to sit and have your photo taken. ESPECIALLY by you, because you made this experience beyond comfortable. Loved getting to giggle my way through this with you. And thank you for making me look so lovely <3 I feel so lucky to have these photos and to have created with you."


"Monika made me feel safe and secure experimenting with new movements and expressions, encouraging ideas and collaboration! She welcomed me into her vibrant oasis with comfort and ease. During the shoot she was affirming and her direction was super helpful to capture the vision we had in mind. Shooting in someone’s space tells a lot about a person, and her space was filled with intention! I can’t wait for the next shoot where my ideas and our collaborations can blossom."


"I literally can't thank you enough! The photographs are beyond my expectations - I really can't get over how gorgeous they are. Not only that, but working with you was such a dream."


"It was so nice meeting you! Your work is so beautiful and your compassion for the self was truly a humbling experience! Really enjoyed it. The photos are so cool, at first, not gonna lie, I was nervous because of my self judgment but when I saw them, I felt love for myself in a way that was healing. Thank you for the kick ass experience!!!"


"OMG I love these! So dark and moody. And I can't get enough of the big spread, reach for the sky shot. Megan said, 'It's all of you in one shot'. Thank you Moni. That day sparked a whole creative movement in me and I'm so grateful you put so much work into it."


"Holy Wow I am grateful for you. This is the first photo of myself in a really long time that I recognized myself in. It brought me to tears, and I'm so grateful that I have this to remind myself of who I am when I lose sight of that. Thank you so much."

Stephanie H 

"Moni, these are everything! I didn't want them to stop. Thank you so much for creating an open space of safety and love, and for gifting me these photos from your eye. They are so lovely." 


"Your eye for capturing tenderness and beauty is unlike anyone I know. There's reverence in it, but it's also not sterile, it's full of life. It is LIFE!"


"Your photographs have always made me FEEL...It reminds me that I actually love living life, and to appreciate the intricacies of relationships and savor intimate and quiet moments. So refreshing." 


"Your gift is how you can make someone feel..and your magic isn't just creating and capturing. It's in helping the other person see the creative, the magic in herself! I caught a glimpse of my magic because you showed me!"